Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess!

I've already done several costumes from Ah! My Goddess, this is just
another one  from a series I have loved for as long as I've read manga!
It was the first I read (along with Sailor Moon), and is somehow STILL
ongoing. This  costume would not have been possible without the
incredible help and knowledge of Jewels!!

This outfit is from the "Tatakau no Tsubasa" (Fighting Wings) arc of
the manga, which was also made into a (not as good) OVA. I loved
this outfit the second I saw it, just because it was so great to see
Bell sporting something sexier than her normal garb! Naturally she
never really turned 'evil' at all, but it was a great arc. We're putting a
group together for this costume, so there will be lots more fun
photos down the road!
The photos below were taken at
Katsucon'12, by LJinto and Mindfall!!
My wig was windblown, so
I was frustrated...the
"antennas" got blown
down, the ponytail got
blended with the
bangs...I'll have to style
that all up properly for the
convention I wear it to!
Aside from the wig being blown
to crap, I had goosebumps all
over. It was a chilly day!
AngelSamui was my goddess Belldandy
to my own possessed Belldandy. She's
so perfect!!!
I hope to wear this with Sammy again
in the future, & thank you so much
for the wonderful photos, Mindfall &
I love this costume, I'll probably wear
it again!!
These photos were taken at Katsucon 2013 by the wonderful friend and photographer, Mindfall!!